Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists Portrait Exhibition September 1-30, 2005
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Janet W.
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Lee D.
Occupation: Lawyer in Newton

Date of Birth: 193?

Years in Newtown: na

Bill has been president of the Board of Education and the Parks and Recreation Commission. As a young man, he was the president of the Jaycees and a few years later of Big Brothers. Recently, he has been president of the Newtown Lions Club. For many years, he has been a Hospice Table Sponsor. He has done much pro-bono work for various groups in the town including Nunnawaulk Meadows, our senior ousing, of which he was a founding member and of the C. H. Booth Library.

Occupation: Deceased
Date of Birth: 1948 -1988
Lee was selected in 1972 as Newtown's first Park and Rec Director. He obtained a Masters in Leisure Services from SCSU. In 1977 he earned the "Outstanding Young Man of Newtown." He was later dubbed "The Clown Prince of Recreation" for dressing in costume for various town events and parades. He pioneered numerous programs including: Little Racers, Charlie Brown Baseball, Softball Leagues, and Senior Citizen Program. He helped build the second town park. He served on the Parks and Recs Commssion and, in 1986, married his second wife. He is survived by two children. Lee died 11 days after being diagnosed with acute lukemia.
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William D.
Occupation: Director of Library

Date of Birth: 1944

Years in Newtown: 30

Janet has served as the Director of the C.H. Booth Library for 24 years. She has been a co-chair of the annual Christmas Tree Lighting for 20 years. Janet is a co-chair of this year's Tercentennial Celebrations. She is a member if the Board of Chamber of Commerce. She has been married for 38 years with two daughters and five grandchildren.

Dan C.
Occupation: Town Historian                            Teacher

Mr. C. teaches anthropology and local history at Barlow High School. He has written extensively on the history and the prehistoric finds in of the towns of Central Fairfield County.
He is an expert in rural slavery, vintage photography, early architecture and road-building, and early cemeteries. Publications to his credit include: The Prehistory of Fairfield County, Newtown's Slaves, and most recently, the Images of America series.
FN 05
Julia W.
Occupation: State Representative

Years in Newtown: 40+
Education: Sarah  Lawrence University: BA ; Columbia University: M.P.H.
Occupation:  Legislator, former  director of health for the town of New Fairfield, retired captain  in the US Army (WAC)
Public Service: Former member  of the Newtown Legislative Council; appointee of the  King’s Mark Resource, Conservation, and Development Project;  former member of the Fairfield Council Soil and Water Conservation  District; former member of Newtown Conservation Commission; and much more!
Legislative Service: State House of Representatives  1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001,2003
Joseph H.
Years in Newtown: 40+
Brief biography:
Chairman, Family Counseling Center, Board of Directors 2003-2005;Director Family Counseling Center, Newtown 2000-2005;
Trustee, CH Booth Library, Newtown, Past President 2000-2003, Past Vice President, Past Treasurer;Newtown Chamber of Commerce, Director and Secretary, Past Vice President, Past Treasurer;Trustee, Corporator and Secretary Newtown Savings Bank, Retired Senior Executive Vice President
Housing Opportunities Team of the United Way of Northern Fairfield County, Member
Newtown Local Housing Partnership, Co-Chairman
Housatonic Habitat for Humanity,  and MUCH MORE!

Richard S.
Title: Retired Businessman
Date of Birth: 3-23-34
Years in Newtown: 33
Brief biography:
1960-1968; Royal Globe Insurance Companies
1968-1970; Allstate Insurance Company, Commercial Account Executive 1970-1998; Sturdevant’s Photo/Video Corp. Danbury CT, Owner/Manager
1982-Present; Trustee, Union Savings Bank, Danbury CT. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board 1999-Present; Governor’s Small Business Advisory Council;President for 2 years of Danbury Downtown Council; Past member Board of Directors, Danbury Chamber of Commerce;Chairman of Board of Trustees, Union Savings Bank, Newtown; Plus numerous Civic Activities including Booth Library Board of Trustees.
Marie S.

Years in Newtown: 33
Brief biography: Member, Secretary Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers(elected)
Former President, Republican Women’s Club Former Chairman, GOP 5th District
Former President, Newtown Scholarship Association
Former President, Newtown Business and Professional Women; Former Secretary, CT Business and Professional Women; Co-Chairman, Newtown Labor Day Parade and Newtown Summer Festival
Former Administrative Secretary, Newtown Legislative Council; Woman of the Year, Newtown Business and Professional Women
Volunteer to: Cancer Assoc., Heart Assoc., Hospice
Numerous other civic groups and activities

Mary H.
Date of Birth: 1857 to 1930
Newtown is the beneficiary of this prominent historic personality, who had as her maternal grandfather Judge William Edmund for whom the town hall is named. She had a quiet young life because Mary Hawley was kept close to her mother. Her brief marriage ended in divorce, and upon returning from Europe, and losing her father shortly thereafter, she became a recluse. She began 9 years of substantive wealth disbursement beginning with a new high school in 1921 (now Mary Hawley School) and ended with the building of Edmund Town Hall which unfortunately she did not see completed. Among her many gifts to the town were buildings, one of which is the library.  She left a magnificent legacy to our town.

William E.
Date of Birth: 1755 to 1838
He can be characterized as being highly intelligent and immensely curious throughout his adult life. He volunteered in Connecticut’s army under General Wooster where in opposing the British in Ridgefield, he was wounded by a musket ball that left him lame for the rest of his life. He was elected town selectman in 1785, and continued his political career with election to the state senate in 1790, and then the national House of Representatives in 1797. He opposed the politics of Jefferson and Jackson and decided to return to Connecticut to serve on the Connecticut Supreme Court. He disagreed with the Constitution of 1818, when it was passed, left Hartford and returned to Newtown to retire. Grandfather to Ms. EH (FN09).

William E.
Date of Birth: 1880 to 1949
William U. brought his food packaging operations to Hawleyville in 1916, and began packaging loose tea. Having thought of putting tea in small bags, he convinced Thomas Lipton to supply his product to hotels and restaurants. He had electricity brought into Hawleyville in 1828 and had Rte. 25 extended from Hawleyville to Danbury. He founded the volunteer Fire Dept in 1925, and  was one of the first members of the Newtown Chamber of Commerce. He established the Newtown Food Packaging Co.in 1932 to make jams, marmalade and pepper hash operating out of the original tea packing plant in Hawleyville. His life recalls the goodness that comes from civic minded individuals.

Date of Birth: 1930-1972
Mr. T. taught Sunday School, serving in the Sandy Hook School PTA, heading the finance committee of the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and from 1959 to 1962 serving on the Newtown Park and Recreation Commission. He was an organizer and past president of the Newtown Young Republican
Club, a member of the executive Board of the State Federation of Young Republicans, an alternate to the GOP state convention, and twice a delegate after his election as First Selectman. He is remembered for an exceptional career serving Newtown.
Mr. Treadwell died in a tragic fire at his home in 1979. Mr. T's daughter writes from Alaska, "Paula, I am practically in tears that 33 years after my father’s
passing that he is being remembered this way.   Thank you all so much."

Fenn D.
Date of Birth: 1912-1955
Years in Newtown: 23
Mr. D began his 6 yr. career as Selectman in 1949. He directed the hard surfacing of many miles of dirt roads and the reopening of abandoned ones. He acquired an efficient fleet of trucks and road building equipment and land upon which Sandy Hook School was built. He installed a central telephone at Edmund Town Hall so the police, fire and ambulance could have 24 hour service. A few days before his death, the town agreed fulfull his dream to purchase a 24 acre site at Brushy Hill and Elm Roads for a town park with a swimming pool. He was chairman of the Newtown Park Commission, Newtown’s Chief of Police, Director of Civil Defense, and he organized Newtown’s Ambulance Assoc. The park that bears his name is only one way for the town to recognize his distinguished service.

He died at 42 yrs. of age in 1955 as a result of a tragic accident.

Mae S..
Date of Birth: still living and active
Years in Newtown: 30+
President-PTA Elementary and Middle Schools; Established and Chaired First Elementary School Library, First Summer Enrichment Programs in Art and Music; First President, Newtown PTA Council; Established Children’s Theatre Program;
Chaired Committee to build a new Newtown High School;
Chaired Newtown Scholarship Ball; Directed initial Newtown PTA Adult Education Program; Helped Create SCAN-Society of Creative Arts of Newtown;
Only Newtowner to Serve As Connecticut State PTA; President and National VP-Newtown Visiting Nurse Assoc; Chairman-Children’s Adventure Center; Organizer Newtown Business and Professional Women’s Club; Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Fairfield Hills Hospital; Chairman Danbury Youth Services;Chairman Republican Town Committee; Registered Parliamentarial; Elected Town Clerk Notary;State Representative-Elected Five Terms 106th District; Author Legislature to Save the Newtown Flagpole; Vice Chair-State Commission on National Bi-Centennial; Vice-Chair Newtown Tercentennial; Author of 4 books including “Color Me Newtown” and “Color Me Connecticut”
Active Portrait Painter. Would like to wear a red dress and include the tercentennial flag for her portrait!

Date of Birth:1919 -still living

Years in Newtown: 40+

Brief biography:

Jack R had 5 consecutive terms as First Selectman of Newtown. He coached and played for the Newtown Baseball Club for 12 years. A long–term firefighter, he served as president of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Company, as well as on Charter Revisions commissions. He was the moderator of town meetings, selectman and member of the Board of Finance, an active member of the Democratic Town Committee  from 1967 to 1975, as well as delegate to numerous conventions.

Jack R.
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A portion of the proceeds of portrait sales resulting ffrom this show will benefit the Booth Library (10%) and and that portion is tax-free. A voluntary donation to CSOPA of 10% (recommended amount) will be invoiced to the artist. To see a sample sale, click INVOICE. Under no circumstances and at no time should the volunteer be pressured into buying the portrait - though we hope many will! Archival techniques that will last for generations to come are encouraged. Feel free to write CSOPA or Alain Picard with any comments or questions.
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Jeanine Jackson, CSOPA Founder and Co-Chair
Alain Picard CSOPA Member and Faces of Newtown 2005 Co-Chair
Paula Stephan, Booth Library Board of Trustees
Herb R.
Date of Birth:1946-present

Years in Newtown: 52

Brief biography:

Mr. R. has been Newtown’s Selectman  since 1997. Previous to his election, he served on the Board of Education for 13 years and as its Chairman for 3 years.  Among other roles of leadership in town, he was Chaiman of  Housantoic Valley Economic Development , the Treasurer of the Housantic Valley Council of Elected Officials, President of the  Conn.  Conference of Municipalities and a member of the Board of the Council of Small Towns.

Additionally, he was on the CT Council Of Municipalities Smart Growth Task Force and the Chairman of the CT Council of Municipalities Tax Reform Task Force. Herb, a former Naval Officer, is a Vietnam Veteran, and a Newtown resident for 52 Years.


Date of Birth ?
Years in Newtown: 20+ coached from 1944-66.

Brief biography:

During his many years with Newtown’s high school sports, Mr. D advanced the inclusion of sports in the daily curriculum. He stressed participation and self-improvement and organized gym shows for all children to participate, while additionally organizing ski trips, excursions to West Point and the
Yale Bowl. For all of his innovation, he was featured in a 1957 issue of Sports Illustrated
and continued to earn a beloved and well known place in the community
enjoyed by few men. In 1963, he retired from teaching and became Newtown’s first Parks and Recreation director. Before he retired, he was honored by a dinner attended by 300 people, and Newtown High School began a scholarship in his name, an award bearing his name is still given today to the school’s top male athlete.
Harold D.
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1   Picard              FN04 Dan C     
2   Jackson           FN16 Herb R.   
3   Luchak           FN07 Richard S.  4   Rorick              FN01 Janet W.
5   Perry                FN05 Julia W.
6   Baragwanath     FN06 Joseph H.
7   Aeschliman      FN08 Marie S.
8   France              Withdrawn
9   Martin               FN14 Mae S.
10 Sundwall           FN03 William D.
11 Bender               FN12 Tim T.
12 DeCesare           FN15 Jack R.
13 Wakeen             FN9 Mary H.
14 Zeller                 FN02 Lee D.


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