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NANCY STEMBER, Westport, CT                                       

Nancy Stember  fills her canvases with light and life. A harmonious blend of classic and impressionist techniques invite the viewer to linger in her subjects' world that is both real and magical.  She is unafraid to introduce vibrant color and a variety of textures to "tell a story." A portrait by Ms. Stember immediately becomes a treasured heirloom. Those fortunate enough to know Nancy admire her uncanny ability to speak softly and carry a big brush!

"As big as life - and sometimes bigger!" described both the character of this artist and her art. Toots was a Daughter of the American Revolution and a founding member of CSOPA.

CSOPA morns our loss of Toots in February 2004. Her paintings and indominable spirit will live on!
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GRACE DEVITO, Stamford, CT    
"New Master," Grace DeVito will take your breath away! Drawing on her many years as a professional illustrator, Ms. DeVito is now highly sought-after for her classical portraits. Evident with each museum-quality painting is her palpable passion for excellence.  Aptly named "Grace," her work is genteel and powerful. Realism is exalted by her expert eye for strong design and composition. Ms. DeVito is represented by Portraits South and served on CSOPA's original Board of Directors..
Toots Grimsely
SOPHIA JAMES, Bronxville, NY        

"Flawlessly flattering while capturing the spirit and uniqueness of her subject" has been said of portraits by Sophia ("Sof-EYE-ah") James.  Ms. James has been a student at the Art Students League, and of notables Daniel Greene, Everett Raymond Kinstler,Nelson Shanks, and Michael Shane Neil. She lives in New York and works in Greenwich, CT as curator to a major art collector, arranges prestigious art history lectures at the Bruce Museum, and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Greenwich Arts Council. Her appreciation of "the classics" is evident in her own original style. Ms. James accepts a very limited number of commissions each year "to give them all the time and love they deserve!"
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CSOPA's "French Connection!" Moments in time are expertly rendered and forever captured by Mr. Delafontaine. Working primarily from photographs and brief sittings, his lifelike paintings go far beyond their humble origins. Single and multiple subjects, studio and landscape settings come together naturally resulting in color-filled canvases rich in texture, depth, and character. In his "other life," Mr. Delafontaine is a pilot and develops alternate fuels for the aviation industry. This grand perspective finds its way into each and every Delafontaine original!
Marvin Mattelson, CSOPA Faculty, Honorary Member, and deigner of the CSOPA Logo!
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Ms. Jackson combines the strength of classical composition with "Sprezzatura" - the art of casual mastery. A disciple of Master Impressionst, George Passantino, she attended the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, The School for Visual Arts in NYC, North Westchester School of Art, WICE in Paris, and the University of Florence in Italy where she lived for eight years. Jeanine Jackson is also the Connecticut Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America and serves on the Greenwich Arts Council Board of Directors.

"Life is light." Sorolla 
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CSOPA's Distinguished Advisory Board: Robert Anderson (Senior Advisor), Igor Babailov, Laurel Stern-Boeck, Grace DeVito,  Mary Minifie, Michael Shane Neal, and Richard Whitney.
Senator Christopher Dodd by Foster Caddell


Foster Caddell's portraits touch you in profound and unexpected ways. His pastels have been recognized for excellence with the honor of induction into The Pastel Society of America's Hall of Fame. Mr. Caddell is equally adept at oil paintings and has completed for prestigious commissions by the Church of England, government officials, leaders in industry as well as everyday folk. Listed in Who's Who of American Art, Marquis Who's Who in the World, Mr. Caddell is a respected author, teacher, and CSOPA Lifetime Aceivement Award (LAW) receipient. Pull up a chair, and sit a while. You are in the presence of greatness!
CSOPA Advisor, Faculty (d) 2013
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Cindy Wagner has taken her talent from stage to studio. Her artistic career began as a teenager painting sets for the New York Theater at Variety Scenic Studios. Bold brush strokes and unique visual mixing of color have carried over into her distinctive portraits. Ms. Wagner is also a professional physical therapist.  This extraordinary appreciation for human anatomy is celebrated in her beautiful fine art.

DR. HARRY BLUM, Southbury, CT

Dr. Blum lived and painted into his nineties. CSOPA will miss this charming man who exhibited with us at our first show, Faces of Summer 2002 at SoundWaters Historic Holly House in Stamford. He died in the winter of 2003.
WILLIAM RORICK, Southbury, CT   

Bill Rorick's encyclopedic knowledge of portraiture began in the early 90's and continues to this day. He has studied at the New York Academy of Art, Art Students League, National Academy of Design, School for Visual Arts, Lyme Art Academy and numerous private ateliers. These studies have brought him up close and personal with leading artists and their methods including Michael Aviano, Daniel E. Greene, and John H. Sanden.  Mr. Rorick's own paintings in oils and pastels have won him numerous awards. He now teaches and leads the Portrait Club of Greater Southbury, which is affiliated with John Howard Sanden's Portrait Clubs of America.

CSOPA Co-Chair
PSoA CT Ambassador Associate

"It is impossible to limit my art or try to define it. My work reflects the personal side of me and the changes that I have gone through. I strive to find beauty, light and love. I believe a spiritual renewal takes place when one is confronted by pure beauty." Her work can be found the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art, The Florence Griswold Museum, and private collections thought out New England and Europe. She also has works in numerous hospitals, schools and libraries throughout Connecticut.
Madison by Nancy Stember

Laurel Stern Boeck continues to take the portrait world by quiet storm. After earning her B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Laurel traveled Europe to extensively study the Old Masters of portrait painting. Through her attention to fine detail and understanding of classical realism, she is able to accurately capture the likeness and essence of her clients. Her exquisite techniques have earned her national awards and have placed her in the front ranks of American portrait painting. Laurel’s work can be seen in major capital buildings, banks, board rooms as well as supreme courts and Washington institutions.  She now teaches at the Katonah Art Center in Katonah, NY and is a member of CSOPA Faculty.

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Past CSOPA Director, Faculty
Mary Minifie
George W. Bush by Robert Anderson
John Howard Sanden painting Foster Caddell
Richard Whitney (center)
Igor Babailov
Ariane Beigneux
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Wende Caporale Self Portrait
Michael Del Priore (Click to view artist's website)
Look at me! Self-identity in Portraiture presented by Nancy Hall-Duncan, Curator of Art at the Bruce Museum.
Peter Sutten, Executive Director Bruce Museum, Greenwich
Jada Rowland
Mari Hulick
Michael Del Priore, Richard Whitney, and Igor Babailov
Aaron Shikler March 07 flanked by Burgess Russell left) and Sandy Wakeen
Maestro Richard Schmid with John Kilroy
Self Portrait, Everett Raymond Kinstler
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Past CSOPA Co-Chair 2006-2010
Westport, CT                                       

Deborah studied illustration and drawing at the School of Visual Arts. She expresses her love with the animate, round forms of living beings in every portrait. "I love capturing two-legged and four-legged subjects in random, yet typical moments – moments in which they are being their unguarded, emotional selves. The simplicity of dry media - graphite, colored pencil and pastel - lend themselves to the simplicity of statement for which I strive in my work."
Past CSOPA CoChair 2006-2010
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Frank Covino